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Support Flood Free Calgary

Support this important initiative to help maintain momentum on flood protection by 2021.

Why support us?

A flood-free Calgary protects our future as the economic engine of Western Canada. The Flood Free Calgary mandate is to get mitigation in place on both rivers as soon as possible to keep our downtown dry.

What can we do together?

Let’s send a clear message to the Provincial Government – we solidly support immediate construction of upstream mitigation on both rivers.

For the Elbow, the Springbank Project is facing loud, well-funded opposition from a small, but engaged, group of private landowners. It’s slowing down the completion of flood mitigation and extending flood risk longer than necessary.

We‘re here to ensure that the science behind the recommended project is made available to as many Calgarians as possible. When we all know the facts, we can all support the government to do the best thing for all of us.

Help us disseminate evidence-based information about what needs to be done. Become involved to ensure the Springbank Project is built and our city is protected. Make sure momentum is not lost before solutions are found for the Bow.

How to become a supporter

It’s easy. Simply submit the form. One of our team will contact you.

Your obligations

When you choose to support us, we add your name or company logo to this page. That’s #1

Sharing information with your network and educating Calgarians is made easy. We’ll supply you with social media posts, updates and printed materials for you to easily distribute.

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Our Supporters

Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option. Recent experiences with large-scale projects like pipelines and the ring road have taught us that. The champions of our city need to stay involved.