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Flood protection by 2021

If we act now on upstream mitigation, we could be protected from a flood the magnitude of 2013.

Let’s not stand by and risk another disaster.

Another flood will come

There could be a flood of any magnitude every year in Calgary. The disaster of 2013 could repeat anytime – it’s not if, it’s when. Upstream mitigation is critical for the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

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Protect Calgary

Increased flood protection by 2021 is feasible. Large-scale upstream mitigation on the Elbow River with the Springbank Offstream Reservoir will greatly reduce the impact of a flood.

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Floods impact every Calgarian

Nobody wants to risk more lives or cripple Western Canada’s economic engine. The cost to all Albertans in 2013 was over $6B in repairs alone – and it could have been higher.

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We Can’t Afford To Wait

The recommended Springbank Project is currently at risk despite being recommended by two provincial governments and backed by the City of Calgary. Landowner protests, environmental reviews, cabinet approval and First Nations’ concerns have delayed the process and progress.

We all need to get involved to keep Flood Mitigation projects a high priority for all levels of government.

Process and progress

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Who we are

Flood Free Calgary is a group of organizations and citizens that advocate for timely flood mitigation for Calgary.

Join other business and community leaders and add your voice to the call for urgent, large-scale flood mitigation.