Springbank landowners withdraw legal action

In May 2018, a Notice of Application was filed asserting that the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project (SR1) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted by Alberta Transportation did not meet the CEAA’s guidelines.

A Federal Court hearing was scheduled in November, however, the landowners withdrew their application and the hearing has been canceled.

Although it is unclear why the landowners withdrew, it is good news; as the litigation could have delayed the project.

This is not the first legal action this group of Springbank landowners have taken against the Springbank Project.

In April 2017, a federal court hearing took place to review an application from these same landowners, this time seeking to quash the Minister of Environment and Climate Change’s decision to not refer the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project to a review panel.

The application was unsuccessful and the Springbank Project has since progressed through the regulatory process with an agency (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) review, rather than panel review.

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