Your flood stories: Meyer family, Elbow Park

This is a story shared by Nancy Inlow on behalf of her parents, Art and Viv Meyer, former residents of Elbow Park.  My parents, Art and Viv Meyer, had lived on Park Lane since 1992 and another dozen years on Garden Cresent from 1962 to 1974 without ever having any raised

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Your flood stories: Taste restaurant, Victoria Park

This is a story shared by Brendan Bankowski, owner/operator of the now-closed Taste restaurant in Victoria Park.  I owned a small 26 seat wine bar called Taste located in the Hotel Arts retail section along 1st Street SW in the Beltline. We had zero water, sewer or collateral damage. Water made

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Your flood stories: David Allen, Roxboro

This is a story shared by David Allen, a current resident of Roxboro. Watch David's emotional journey in his video, "After the Flood": Our initial reaction to the evacuation announcements going out over the radio on June 21, 2013 was one of scepticism more than anything. However, the gravity of the situation

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Your flood stories: Elbow River Casino, Victoria Park

This story was originally shared by the Victoria Park BIA on behalf of Scott Roberts, Director of Marketing at the Elbow River Casino. Scott Roberts, Director of Marketing at the Elbow River Casino, says the day the 2013 floods ripped through Alberta was one of the craziest days he’s experienced; even after

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Your flood stories: SalvEdge Boutique, Victoria Park

This is a story shared by Krista Hopfauf, Owner/Operator of SalvEdge Boutique, a clothing consignment business currently operating in Victoria Park. It's been nearly six years since the devastating flood of 2013 but sometimes it feels like yesterday, especially the moment another tragedy or hardship strikes. Empathy comes more naturally now.

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Your flood stories: Margot Coppus, Elbow Park

This is a story shared by Margot Coppus, a current resident of Elbow Park. On Thursday, June 20, 2013 in the early afternoon, an announcement came through over the intercom at my office that anyone living in Elbow Park should go home and get ready to evacuate. By the time

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Your flood stories: Stan Price, Rideau Roxboro

This is a story shared by Stan Price, a current resident of Rideau Roxboro. My name is Stan Price and I live in the community of Rideau Roxboro in Calgary. I remember the flood like it was yesterday, as I and pretty much our whole community was affected by the

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Your flood stories: Tom Yeoman, Elbow Park

This is a story shared by Tom Yeoman, a former resident of Elbow Park. Having lived through the 2005 flood of the Elbow in Calgary, I felt almost prepared for 2013. Dutifully, when evacuation orders came on June 20, 2013, I was overnighting at my daughter's home. We found, the next

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Do you have a flood story to share? We want to hear it.

Over the next few weeks and months, Flood Free Calgary (FFC) and the Calgary River Communities Action Group (CRCAG) will be profiling the stories of Calgary home and business owners about their experiences with disaster, tragedy, and perseverance through the 2013 Calgary floods. We want to hear from you! Selected stories will be shared on

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Your flood stories: Battistella Developments

This is a story shared by Paul Battistella, Co-owner/Operator of Battistella Developments and Spokesperson for Flood Free Calgary. Battistella Developments has been developing in Calgary inner-city for almost 40 years.  During that time the growth and importance of the centre city has grown dramatically. East Village, where Battistella Development's INK

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