Your flood stories: Stan Price, Rideau Roxboro

This is a story shared by Stan Price, a current resident of Rideau Roxboro.

My name is Stan Price and I live in the community of Rideau Roxboro in Calgary. I remember the flood like it was yesterday, as I and pretty much our whole community was affected by the 2013 flood.

June 21st was my son’s birthday, and unfortunately, his birthday plans were put on hold.

The enormity of the event did not sink in right away, but it was evident very quickly that damage was going to be excessive, and most likely, we would lose plenty of our personal effects.

We were flooded up to our main floor.

As the water started to go down over the next few days and we started cleaning up at our home, I noticed many people looking to help, not knowing where to go. A thought came to me that it would be nice to help out my neighbours however I could.

I put a volunteer center on my front lawn and it began.

I decided my location, being central in the neighborhood, would be easiest to delegate volunteers, and also to make contact with homeowners regarding their specific needs. It was also a good way to scrutinize those who were trying to take advantage of the situation.

Two weeks later, with so much help from caring people, we were on our way to recovery.

The endless amount of supplies that ended up on my front lawn, was absolutely amazing! There were people from all over the city, province, and even vacationers that helped out.

I am looking forward to the long term solution, and will forever be thankful to those that helped with our recovery efforts.

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