Alberta receives $8.7 million for disaster funding from federal government

In December 2018, the federal government announced $8.7 million in funding for disaster mitigation projects in Alberta.

The funds will be provided through the National Disaster Mitigation Program and will support 18 projects throughout the province.

  • Risk Assessment(s)  Seven projects will fund risk assessments to identify flood hazards, potential impacts, and community and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • Flood Mapping  Seven projects will help communities identify specific impacts of a flood event on structures and people through the development of flood maps.
  • Mitigation planning Two projects will help communities plan to mitigate against future flooding events.
  • Non-structural or small-scale structural mitigation Two projects will fund non-structural mitigation measures that will enhance flood preparedness in Alberta.

In addition to the federal funds, the Province of Alberta will be providing $5.2 million in provincial funding for these projects.

Projects benefitting Calgary

1. City of Calgary – Stormwater Risk Assessment

City-wide assessment of flooding risks associated with local precipitation to identify stormwater vulnerabilities in Calgary communities. This study will not involve flooding risk from rivers.

2. Flood Risk Mitigation Through Improved Forecasting and Warning

This project will improve the Province’s forecasting system, specifically the system’s real-time observation capabilities, and improve warning mechanisms to reduce flood risk and decrease flood damages.

3. Alberta Flood Awareness Map Application

This project will design, create, and populate an online Flood Awareness Map Application that will allow users to view and interact with provincial flood maps and data.

The current flood hazard map application is available here, however, it is missing data from many recent flood hazard studies. The missing data will be incorporated into the new app.

To read the full list of projects that will receive funding (including project cost, federal/provincial funding split, start date, details) visit: National Disaster Mitigation Program funding to the Province of Alberta: Projects at a glance.

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