Expert regulatory lawyer hired to expedite SR1 project

On May 3, it was announced that expert regulatory Martin Ignasiuk had been appointed to the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir (SR1) file to assess opportunities to expedite the project.

Martin Ignasiak (Image: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP)

Ignasiuk has 28 years experience in law, is a key contact for Regulatory, Environmental, Aboriginal & Land matters, and has had significant interactions involving regulatory filings, court challenges, and stakeholders relations.

Considering the new Minister of Transportation, Ric McIver was sworn in April 30, 2019, we certainly appreciate his prompt action on this file.

“We need an independent expert to evaluate the Springbank Reservoir project and determine what can be done to move this project forward. We are confident that Mr. Ignasiak will help us move quickly to protect the safety and economic security of Calgary and those living in other communities downstream of the Elbow River.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

Alberta Transportation is currently continuing its work to answer the 86 information requests it received from the CEAA, NRCB, and Alberta Environment. The regulatory clock is still paused at 110 of 365 days.

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