$15 million funding for Bow River local flood mitigation

Two critical Bow River flood mitigation projects, the Downtown Barrier and the Upper Plateau Separation Project in Sunnyside-Hillhurst are set to receive an additional $15 million in provincial funding through the Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP).

Read the Government of Alberta’s news release on the March 6, 2019 announcement here.

You can read the full list of ACRP grants provided to date here.

Downtown Barrier

As part of the Eau Claire Public Realm Plan, flood mitigation measures and strategies used in West Eau Claire Park will be extended east, with Phase 2 of the Eau Claire Promenade (also called the Downtown Barrier) extending from Eau Claire Plaza, through the Centre Street Bridge, to Reconciliation Bridge. Phase 2 of the promenade is currently in design with anticipated completion in 2021.

For a more detailed update on the proposed design of the Downtown Barrier, read our post: Downtown Barrier designs revealed at Eau Claire open house.

Upper Plateau Separation Project

The Upper Plateau Separation covers a 527 ha area in central northwest Calgary. The project will separate the stormwater system from the community of Sunnyside-Hillhurst in order to mitigate flooding and backflow into the community during high water events.

This work will also help to decrease pressure in pipes which will reduce leakage, frequency of breaks and bursts, maintenance costs, electricity costs, and GHG emissions.

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